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IRA Maximization

We know that taxes diminish the value of an IRA left at death. With our IRA Maximization strategies of Tax Offset, Tax Elimination, Legacy Enhancement, Mutli-generational Planning, and Spousal Roth IRA, you can help your clients feel good about their IRA wealth transfer plan.

Tax Offset

Tax Offset strategy helps minimize the income tax burden your beneficiaries receive due to inheriting the IRA. It is done by leveraging a life insurance policy to offset the projected amount of income taxes they would owe when they inherit the IRA.

Tax Elimination Strategy

The Tax Elimination strategy is for those who don’t need their IRA to help supplement their retirement income, have charitable interests and who also want to leave monetary assets to their heirs. This strategy is designed to help eliminate the income tax on the death of the IRA owner by designating a charity as the IRA beneficiary. In addition, the strategy pays for a policy on the IRA owner’s life using their after-tax distributions from the IRA.

Legacy Enhancement Strategy

The Legacy Enhancement strategy is designed using a life insurance policy to better leverage earnings from your IRA, helping to enhance the amount your beneficiary inherits. This is done by reallocating the after-tax excess earnings from the IRA into a life insurance policy that can potentially increase the overall inheritance.

Multi-Generational Strategy

The Multi-Generational strategy is for individuals who want to create a financial legacy that lasts generations. This strategy is based on the fact that when an IRA is passed directly from the IRA owner to the grandchildren, the tax deferral period allowed by the IRS is often dramatically increased. Rather than passing the IRA on to the children and then the grandchildren which would erode the value of the IRA. If you are looking to create a legacy for multiple generations this can be an effective strategy

Spousal Roth IRA Strategy

The Spousal Roth IRA strategy creates a plan to provide the money needed, so your spouse can convert a Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA and create a financial legacy for your heirs

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