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Allie Peters

Director of Marketing

Allie began her career in advertising and sales working for 2 national consumer magazines for 6 years managing over 1500 accounts annually. She then went on to work for Gannett at their Phoenix market affiliate Republic Media. There she developed multi-media solutions for small to medium sized businesses to help those businesses grow and thrive. She advanced her knowledge base on print, digital and broadcast advertising solutions and continues to keep to up to date on market trends and advances. In her 4 years at Gannett she maintained a top sales position within her team.

Allie joined The C.O.R.E. Group in December of 2015 as their Director of Marketing. She develops and implements all aspects of marketing plans from start to finish for The C.O.R.E. Group and can assist advisors in understanding their local markets and how to best drive results.

Allie is usually found doting on her 2 nephews and her 3 dogs during her free time. She is from Barrington, IL and graduated from Cornell College in Mt. Vernon, IA. Although she has been in Arizona for around 12 years she is still a devout Chicago sports fan.


HOBBIES: Cooking, singing, shopping, zumba, bootcamp

PETS: 3 dogs - Benny, Dolly and Stewart (all mutts, all rescues)


FAVORITE BOOK: Ishmael by Daniel Quin, books by John Krakauer and books by female comediennes

FAVORITE MOVIE QUOTE: "FREEEEEDOMMMM!" - Braveheart (mostly for the feeling you get when he says it)

BIGGEST FEAR: Bridges/Heights and Spiders

FIRST JOB: Assistant at a hair salon

SOMETHING ON HER BUCKET LIST: Go to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah